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Project Description

Coal Fired Power Plant, West Virginia

A major coal fired power plant owned and operated by one of the United States largest electric utilities installed a StormwateRx treatment train to remove zinc, iron and aluminum from stormwater runoff near its flue gas desulfurization process. The StormwateRx treatment system provides spill control for gypsum from the process, and removes heavy metals to concentrations to below the benchmarks. The StormwateRx system prevents pollutants from reaching the adjacent Ohio River.

TARGETED POLLUTANTS: Zinc, iron, and aluminum.



An AEP coal fired power plant in West Virginia installed StormwateRx LLC equipment to process hotspot industrial stormwater runoff discharging from the site preventing pollutants from reaching the Ohio River.

The primary targeted stormwater pollutants from the plant are zinc, iron and aluminum.  AEP chose to treat stormwater runoff draining from one hotspot in an area using a three-stage treatment train including a Clara® basic stormwater separator, an Aquip® enhanced stormwater filtration system, and a Purus® advanced metals polishing system.

Clara is a stormwater settling and spill control system that provides basic or first line removal of free-oil, floatables, dirt and associated pollutants such as metals.  Clara was installed to pre-treat runoff to the Aquip filtration system and to provide spill control should a release of gypsum, a byproduct of the flue gas desulfurization process, occur.  Clara includes an internal high flow bypass that allows storm events larger than the treatment design capacity to bypass without washing out accumulated oil and sediment.

Aquip is an enhanced stormwater filtration system that provides a secondary level of pollutant reduction targeting fine solids, dissolved metals, nutrients and organics.  The patented Aquip uses filtration, sorption, co-precipitation and biological processes, along with a controlled hydraulic operating regime, for pollutant removal. Solids and metals (dissolved and particulate) are sequentially removed within the Aquip after passing through several layers of inert and sorptive medias. Aquip also removes organics (known as COD, BOD, TOC, and dissolved hydrocarbons) using biological activity inherent to the depth filtration system.

The final step in the treatment train process is Purus advanced polishing system for metals.  Purus provides the most advanced level of stormwater treatment and removes residual dissolved metals to ultra-low concentrations.


Stormwater runoff in an area is handled using a three-stage treatment train including the StormwateRx Clara® basic separator, the Aquip® enhanced filtration system, and a Purus® advanced metals polishing system.

The bar chart shows the results of stormwater sampling at the facility. Results show a 99% removal efficiency of their targeted stormwater pollutants through the StormwateRx system.

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