StormwateRx LLC (pronounced storm water rx), designs, manufactures and installs stormwater treatment best management practices (BMPs.) Our systems make stormwater permit compliance easier and more effective.

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04.01.14 - Third Party report verifies Aquip removed of PCBs. Click here >>

10.15.13 - Aquip Filtration System protects Puget Sound. Click here >>

03.15.13 - Compliance Quandry, StormwateRx's Calvin Noling is featured in Water & Wastes Digest.

03.11.13 - StormwateRx customer, Pacific Fishermen, is featured on Seattle Channel! Click here»

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Trident Seafoods - Tacoma
Trident Seafoods - Tacoma, Seattle, Anacortes WA
World renowned seafood company more.
    • Clara


      Clara provides a clear stormwater treatment solution for heavy solids and oil removal using a patented plug-flow stormwater separator system.
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    • Clara


      Retenu is an industrial roughing filter for sites with upstream detention and consistently low sediment loading.
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    • Aquip


      Aquip is an innovative, enhanced media filtration system for industrial stormwater applications.
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    • Purus


      Purus provides the most advanced level of stormwater treatment, and is designed for challenging stormwater conditions or targeted pollutant removal.
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